Syris Scientific (Syris) warrants that the Equipment conforms to any specifications provided in writing by Syris to Customer for that Equipment, is of sound materials and workmanship, is new and unused, unless otherwise specified.

To file a warranty claim, please complete this form.

Standard Warranty

1. Standard Warranty Period. The Warranties with respect to any Equipment shall remain in effect for the following period of time after delivery of the Equipment to the Customer (the “Warranty Period”): (1) One year for the v300H and v900L; and (2) Ninety (90) days for any v900L battery.

2. Notice of Warranty Claim. If at any time during the applicable Warranty Period, the Customer believes that the Equipment does not comply with any of the Warranties, the Customer shall promptly notify Syris of a Warranty Claim. If the Customer does not provide notice of Warranty Claim within the Warranty Period, the Customer shall not have any right to claim that the Equipment does not comply with the Warranties. The Customer shall inspect the Equipment promptly after delivery to the Customer and promptly notify Syris of any alleged breach of any Warranties or any errors relating to the delivery of the Equipment.

3. Repairs and Replacements. If within the applicable Warranty Period the Customer notifies Syris Scientific that any Equipment does not comply with any of the Warranties and if in fact the Equipment does not comply with any of the Warranties (not caused by misuse or abuse), Syris Scientific shall, at Syris Scientific’s election and expense, either repair or replace the Equipment. The Customer shall not return any Equipment to Syris Scientific without first obtaining a return authorization number from Syris Scientific or Syris Scientific’s authorized distributor. If Customer fails to follow all of Syris Scientific return instructions, including the packaging of the Equipment, the repair will not be covered by this Warranty.