General Questions

What is the warranty?
The v900L has a one (1) year warranty for parts and labor. Please view our Warranty Policy in the Directions for Use manual.
What do the magnifying lens plate numbers mean; how much do they magnify and at what focal length?
Lens Plate No.
Focal Length
14 inches
10 inches
8 inches
Should I wear laser goggles under the Visi-Shield when doing laser procedures?
Yes, you can wear laser goggles under the Visi-Shield, which is adjustable to accommodate all laser goggles. Protective laser goggles must be worn at all times during laser procedures.
Do lighting conditions affect the Syris systems?
The Syris systems will work in most normal lighting conditions encountered in clinical settings. Fluorescent lights will not affect operation. In extremely bright conditions such as direct sunlight, the images may be reduced. Syris V-Series systems are fully functional in conditions of low or even no light.

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What is the life expectancy of the v900L illuminator?
The v900L illuminator is rated for 5,000+ hours with minimal luminous degradation.
Does the magnification come in different powers?
The v900L offers #4 and #5 magnification as a combined magnification and Visi-Shield option.  You cannot replace the magnification on the v900L Visi-Shield with a standard lens.

How long does it take the battery for the v900L to charge?
Batteries are shipped in a partially charged state to comply with shipper’s recommendations.  It is recommended that the battery be charged for at least 5 hours the first time.  Sequential charge intervals will vary based on how much the battery is depleted but after the first charge cycle it should be about 3 hours to recharge to a full state.  It is also recommended to store the spare battery in the charger, as it is a smart charge and will revert to a trickle charge when primary charging is complete.

It is important to learn the indicator light colors on the charger base because these will indicate the battery status (see the Operator User Manual or Directions for Use).

What happens if I leave the battery in the charger?
Syris’ charging system will bring the battery to a fully charged state and then maintain a trickle charge to hold this fully charged state so it is ready for use when you need it. 
What is the life expectancy of the v900L battery?
500 full charge / discharge cycles, with reduced capacity after 500 cycles.
Are there any rules requiring fully draining a charged battery before recharging or concerns about overcharging - things that affect battery 'memory'?
Syris lithium ion batteries will have none of the ‘memory’ issues often associated with other types of rechargeable batteries like NiCad batteries.
What should you do if the v900L will not turn on and you know the battery is charged?
Remove the battery and inspect the three gold connectors in the battery pocket of the Control Module. Make sure that they are standing proud from the base and are vertical with the top and bottom of the unit and parallel with each other.  If these connectors are damaged or not properly aligned then they will not make proper contact with the battery and the unit will not turn on.
How long do v900L headband pads last?
The comfort pads can be easily replaced according to user preference and comfort via Velcro fasteners.  On average, pads should withstand dozens of uses before showing wear or requiring replacement.  Additional comfort pads may be purchased through us or your Syris dealer.
Instructions on storing unit in carrying case.
To insert headgear properly, tighten top and back knobs on head basket to reduce size.  Place the control module on the bottom of the case and secure with the rubber band to hold in place.   Fold the Visi-Shield so that it lays underneath the illuminator before placing in case.  Place back of headgear into notched area and fit over the control module.  Place charger, battery and power supply in the slots provided.
Changing / disconnecting the illuminator
  • v900L
    To disconnect the illuminator, pull the cable underneath out of the illuminator.  Then squeeze the tab underneath the illuminator to release it from the arm and slide forward.
Technical information

For any questions not answered here, please contact us online or call customer service at +1-949-481-6384.