Picture of Wayne Gradman, MD, Beverly Hills Vein CenterSyris Scientific is the closest thing to family I ever encountered in the business world. I bought a Seymour Light about 20 years ago for sclerotherapy and with continued support from Syris (mostly changing the light a couple times when it burnt out due to use) I am still using it today. When I expanded, I purchased another Syris Light. It too has continued to function flawlessly for all these years. Their advice and service is friendly, responsive and flawless. Their product is absolutely essential for sclerotherapy, since it eliminates glare and allows for a perfect puncture every time.Wayne Gradman, MD, Beverly Hills Vein Center
eric-bernstein-laser-surgery-cosmetic-dermatologyI use the Syris v900L all day long when lasering vessels anywhere on the body. I find it indispensable. It cuts down my treatment time s and I don’t have to constantly lift my laser glasses to see the target vessels. I just put on the v900L and the vessels jump right out at you.Eric Bernstein, MD, Laser Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology Centers, Inc.
mark-avram-weill-cornell-medicalUsing the polarized light with magnification results in better visibility of follicular grouping between existing hair and creation of recipient site. The LED cool lights on the Vantage emit little heat and allows for less desiccation of the hair follicles. The cross polarization reduces the need for higher magnification and the reduced glare results in less eye strain and fatigue allowing for more procedure efficacy.Mark R. Avram, MD, Clinical Professor Dermatology Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell College, NY
mitchel-goldman-cosmetic-laser-dermatologyMy Associate Physicians and staff, as well as myself, are amazed at the increased clarity which one can see the superficial vasculature with these devices. Allows more accurate visualization for treatment targets (blood vessels) to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of lasers and sclerosing solution and minimize adverse effect from these procedures.Mitchel P. Goldman, MD, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, San Diego, CA
j-michael-leary-california-vein-specialistsI am enjoying the v900L. I like the weight, much more comfortable to wear for long periods. The battery is great, gives us plenty of time before recharging. The LED light is great, very bright and the polarized position seems to work even better than the v300. I have been using Syris products for about thirteen years and this new unit has definitely evolved, with better light, and longer battery life. Overall, a great indispensable product for sclerotherapy and I also use it in the reverse position when doing facial fillers. When the light is in the non- polarized position, it extenuates the wrinkles making filler placement more accurate. When I do sclerotherapy training, I always recommend they start right, and purchase a Syris head lamp.J Michael Leary, MD, F.A.C.E.P, California Vein Specialists
edward-zimmerman-las-vegas-laser-lipoI’ve used the Syris products successfully for over a decade in my cosmetic surgery practice. It remains a valuable and dependable tool which has evolved and improved with lighter, more ergonomic designs and power sources. It’s still my “go to” tool during injection sclerotherapy of the body and helping visualize resistant facial vessels for more successful laser treatments.Edward M Zimmerman, MD, Las Vegas, NV
yafit-cohen-center-rosacea-sensitive-skinMy main usage of the Syris Vision System is mainly in patients with Rosacea and other vascular related affections such as telangiectasia and spider veins. In several cases, it helped me make a more accurate diagnostic than others everyday usage tools. In patients with complex vascular redness that were sent to me for a second opinion, I could rely on this advanced vision system to easily differentiate the source of patients’ facial redness: for instance, clearly identify a demodex mite related redness that could have been easily mistaken for a simple telangiectasia or hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, allowing the immediate start of the correct therapeutic protocol, leading to complete patient’s satisfaction.Yafit Cohen, Medical Cosmetician, Center for Rosacea and Sensitive Skin, Israel
dr-henry-chan-hong-kongV900L gives me better vision for assessing dermatological diseases and allows more accurate laser treatment for a wide range of conditions including telangiectasia, facial pigmentation such as lentigines, Hori’s macules, and Nevus of Ota.Dr. Henry H.L. Chan, Hong Kong
fred-kight-dermatology-skin-cancer-centerI have used the Syris v300H for over 10 years. It has served me well. I could not practice dermatology with confidence without it. Syris offers a wide field of view, which is especially needed for full-body exams. I have recently had the pleasure of using the Syris v900L. The light source was nothing short of splendid. One battery charge lasted over a long day of work and felt comfortable attached to my belt. I am delighted with the new Syris v900L and look forward to using it in my practice for many years to come.Fred J. Kight, MD, Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center of Augusta, P.C.
doctor-eliot-f-battle-dermatologistThe Syris vision enhancement system has been a crucial element in my center’s success. I can’t imagine treating a patient without it. Rather if you are treating moles or veins or just examining the skin, the glare free, polarizing enhancement Syris system provides you with a perfect clear environment and view of skin regardless of the patient’s ethnicity or skin color.Elliot Battle, Jr., MD, CEO & President Cultura Dermatology & Laser Center, Washington, DC
dr-kenneth-arndt-skincare-physiciansThe Syris has been my constant companion for decades in all of the laser related activities in which I am involved. It would nto be possible for me to accurately treat patients, particularly those with vascular lesions, without viewing the lesions prior to and during treatment with the brightly lit, magnified and enhanced imaging which Syris affords. Although essential for me with vascular lesions, it’s also very useful for viewing other lesions with color, such as hair or pigmented lesions. I’d be lost without it.Kenneth A. Arndt, MD, SkinCare Physicians, Chestnut Hill, MA
dr-kenneth-arndt-skincare-physiciansExcellent magnification and illumination by this lightweight LED Syris headlight; ensures precision, accuracy and optimal results for my Sclerotherapy patients.  Couldn’t be on top of my game without it.Joseph Magnant MD, FACS, RPVI, Vein Specialists Founder & CEO