Using the polarized light with magnification results in better visibility of follicular grouping between existing hair and creation of recipient site. The LED cool lights on the v900L emit little heat and allows for less desiccation of the hair follicles. The cross polarization reduces the need for higher magnification and the reduced glare results in less eye strain and fatigue allowing for higher procedure efficiency.

General Surgery: THE INSTRUMENT ELIMINATES VIRTUALLY ALL REFLECTION DUE TO WET SURFACES IN SURGICAL OPENINGS!!! Most surgeons cast shadows into procedural areas by putting their heads in front of the operating room lights. Until recently, there was not a medically rated transformer in the instrument. This essentially banned its use in operating rooms. THIS WILL BE A HUGE MARKET FOR US, BOTH IN THE O.R. AND IN ALTERNATIVE CARE

Below you can see a sequence of videos showing a hair transplant procedure using the Syris cross polarized technology.


Placement Grafts of Hair Transplant from Syris Scientific on Vimeo.