Syris Scientific, a Maine based medical company founded in 1997, is the leader in the field of advanced visualization systems for surface and subsurface viewing.

The Seymour Light, our original product, was invented at Wellman Labs, a center for the study in medicine, located in Boston, Massachusetts, on the campus of Massachusetts General Hospital. Rox Anderson, MD, Bill Farinelli, and Nik Kollias, MD originally founded the Seymour Light Company based on this novel technology enabling visualization below the skin’s surface. The Seymour Light quickly built a base of physicians who saw the product as an indispensable tool in the practice of treating dermatologic conditions such as telangiectasias, spider veins, pigmented lesions and other subsurface conditions. Luminaries in the industry readily adopted the technology, both for their clinical practice and education.

Like so many new technologies, the final model evolved over time, primarily through customer feedback. The original founders were put in contact with Enercon Technologies, a high technology design and manufacturing facility located in Gray, Maine. Together, they formed Syris Scientific, LLC.

Syris Scientific is committed to maintaining its roots in the high technology world and continuing its close affiliation with the medical community. Enercon Technologies contributed a valuable dimension of design and technology infrastructure that has made Syris the rapid, technology medical company it is today.

Today, the v300H and the v900L along with their predecessors Vantage, v600 and the Seymour Light, are currently being used by thousands of physicians and medical professionals worldwide and are included as recommended devices in training courses.

“You simply cannot perform world class cosmetic sclerotherapy treatment of leg or facial spider veins without using the Syris technology.  The patented Syris dermoscopy device using epiluminescence, magnification and cross and parallel polarization technology simply can’t be beat.  Regardless of how good your eye sight may be, your eye sight with Syris will be better.”

Chris Pittman, MD, Medical Director and founder of Vein 911, Tampa, FL

“We love our new v900L Vision Systems head lamp. Now that it has arrived I don’t know how we did without it. Thanks so much for loaning us the older model until this one came out.”

Dr. Ofelia N. Melley, FAAFP, Medical Director and founder of Vein 911, Tampa, FL, The Laser Institute of Pinehurst, NC
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