Rox Anderson, MD is a founder of Syris Scientific, and an active advisor on new product development. He is a leading dermatologist and researcher, who has contributed fundamentally to optical diagnostics and laser surgery. Many of the laser treatments now used for skin are based on his research. An associate professor at Harvard Medical School, he directs a laboratory and the Laser Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. Syris has no formal relationship with either Harvard or Massachusetts General. Dr. Anderson has published over 150 original articles and books, and is an inventor of over 40 patents.

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William Farinelli, is a senior research associate in biomedical laser applications in the Department of Dermatology at Wellman Center of Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital.


Nikiforos Kollias, MD received his A.B. in Physics from UCLA and Ph.D. from University of Wyoming. He was on the staff at the Wellman Laboratory, Dept. of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital/Havard Medical School. During his 10 year stay, he did studies on human photobiology, untraviolet (UV) phototherapy, photodynamic therapy, as well as skin spectroscopy in the visible and infrared. Dr. Kollias joined Johnson & Johnson in 1999 as Senior Research Fellow. Dr. Kollias has published more than 100 papers, holds numerous patents and has won many industrial awards.