Benefits Seen by Vision Enhancement System Users:

  • Visualization 1mm below the skin’s surface.
  • Reduced reflective glare from the skin surface.
  • Increased accuracy and reduced procedure times.
  • Applications: vascular laser procedures,sclerotherapy, resurfacing, hair removal, hair transplantations, plastic surgery and general dermatologic procedures.
  • Reduced exam times for pigmented lesions and other conditions.
  • Reduced recovery times for patients (improved visualization allows for a more accurate procedure which reduces tissue damage from overlapping).
  • Changeable magnification.
  • Allows you to be hands free during your procedures.

The v900L provides unrestricted user mobility; lightweight, user comfortable design; 4 hours of procedure time; and flexible user adjustability.

NEW v900L!   This device is battery powered and has all the features listed above that have been recommended by our medical professionals using our products for over 15 years.  The v900L maintains Syris’ patented cross polarized subsurface technology, combined with the highest quality optics and high-powered illumination.  It continues to allow you to visualize approximately 1mm below the skin’s surface.

The advantages of readily targeting telangiectasia and spider veins while performing laser or sclerotherapy procedures, easily identifying hair follicle’s for hair transplantation or enhanced visualization for other dermatologic procedures has a beneficial effect for your patients and office; accurate analysis-effective treatment.  The headset allows you to be hands-free during your procedure; potentially eliminating the need for an assistant.

Minimize Eye Fatigue by Reducing Surface Glare

Testimonials have touted that our technology can minimize eye fatigue by reducing surface glare and allowing the user to easily identify the targeted area, potentially saving time and money.   From the medical professional who is learning new techniques and procedures to the most experienced, Syris’s technology enhances vision to increase proficiency. The ultimate goal is to treat with an efficient procedure allowing for a satisfied customer.

Now with the NEW v900L the medical professional will still have all the visual benefits with the updated enhancements!  The AC powered v300H is still offered for those who wish to enjoy the visual benefits at a reduced price.  The v600 will be discontinued as stock diminishes.

Thank you for considering one of Syris Scientific’s lines of products and we look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have; 800.714.1374 (within US) or 207.657.7050.