Veinrite 3100vt


Ultrasound Vascular Access Training System

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The 3100vt ultrasound phantom provides clinicians a means to practice ultrasound visualization and tracing of vessels as well as visual guidance of needle placement.  This model is especially useful for practicing skills associated with central and PICC lines placement as well as vein cannulation and venipuncture training programs.  The 3100vt ultrasound trainer is an excellent tool in medical education and simulation facilities for anesthesiology, emergency medicine, radiology, and nursing.

  • Provides realistic ultrasound vessel images
  • Trainer simulates basilic, femoral, and saphenous veins
  • Excellent for central and PICC line training
  • Mimics anatomical feel of needle insertion
  • Suitable for pediatric and adult vessels that vary in size and depth
  • One superficial vessel simulating reticular vein or superficial veins
  • Two deeper vessels provide lifelike ultrasound access scenarios
  • Gravity-fed refill feature allows for uninterrupted training


Veinrite Vascular Phantom Training Systems Include:

  • Vascular Access Trainer
  • IV Set-Up
  • Filling Solution (60cc)
  • 20 cc Refill Syringes (3)
  • SyrEase Adapted 3cc Syringes (2)
  • Needles
  • Directions For Use



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